Expository Essay

Do you guys know what to do when a severe kind of weather strikes in area you live in?  No?  Great, that’s what we’re here for!  Floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes all cause destruction and ruin anything in its path. You might want to know what you are dealing with and how to stay safe.

The first thing you’re going to learn to stay safe in are tornadoes.  Tornadoes are winds that spin rapidly, forming a funnel shape.  It moves along sabotaging everything in its path.  Tornadoes are extremely dangerous, especially because they pick up pieces of buildings, trees, bits of metal, and even cars.  Those things are called debris and are the biggest danger from a tornado.  If you’re wondering where tornadoes commonly occur, three out of four of all the world’s tornadoes occur in the United States.  There is an area in the center of the United States where tornadoes are so common that people call it Tornado Alley.  Tornadoes aren’t only dangerous but they’re also fast.  In fact, tornadoes are the fastest winds on Earth!  The fastest tornadoes spin at about 250 miles per hour but some tornadoes spin slower.  Now that you know what you’re dealing with, you have to know what to do to survive it.  Signs of an upcoming tornado can be hail, the sky turning greenish, dark storm clouds, garbage falling from the sky, or leaves flying upwards.  You also need to listen for tornadoes.  You might hear a rushing sound, which soon becomes a roar.  The worst place to be at when a tornado strikes is outside.  The tornado can either sweep you up or throw debris at you.  The best thing to do when you are outside is to find shelter as quick as possible.  Another worse place would be inside a vehicle.  People often think that their cars or trucks are safe enough to be at when a tornado strikes.  WRONG!  Tornadoes can pick up vehicles killing the people inside.  If you can, leave your car or truck immediately and find a sturdy building.  If you are in a sturdy building, you might want to keep a supply of candles, matches or a lighter, flashlights, and batteries for the flashlight.  If you can, wear a helmet, this can save your life if the roof caves in.  If you follow these simple tips, for sure, you won’t lose a life. Hurricanes are also very important to know what to do when it occurs so you would survive.

Do you know the difference between a tornado and a hurricane? A hurricane is a vigorous tropical storm that forms over an ocean. A hurricane has very strong wind, and rains hard rain. You might  want to be aware of a storm surge! A storm surge is a massive wave of seawater. You should also be aware of flying debris. Doors, roofs, and chimneys will be ripped from buildings, so avoid built up areas. If you live in an area were hurricanes mostly takes place you might wanna listen to this. You need to make sure you wear comfortable shoes because you might travel far in difficult conditions. If your hungry on the way make sure bring canned food. If you brought canned food you obviously have to bring a can opener. Also make sure you bring with you the following things: a radio, batteries, money, and water.  When the storm is over a radio would be very useful.  You might wanna bring money with you just in case you run out of canned food . Some stores might be open, so you should bring money with you.  Just follow these tips and you’ll live to tell about it. There is one more thing you need to know how to deal with and it is floods.
Floods are one of the many severe weather that should be prepared for. There would be a chance of having a flood after a rainstorm or a hurricane. In a flood you would have an abundant amount of overflowing water from different types of bodies of water. If you want to survive a flood, which is common in the United States, you would have to make a plan that you would use during the flood. It is important to stay away from the water and try to get somewhere higher than the water. You need to know that floodwaters are powerful and can contain threatening items (which would be floating in the water) so you wouldn’t just walk through or try to run away from the water. One thing that you should consider bringing with you is a radio to listen out for weather information such as warnings and weather changes. You need to prepare for floods, it’s important that you are safe. All of these types of severe weather are important to prepare for because it might strike in your area!
Tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods are all very destructive and can kill and ruin anything in its path.  As you can see, preparation for those types of severe weather are very helpful.  So, if you ever have to deal with severe weather you know what to do now!  This may happen to you so, if you want to live, follow those instructions!


Is severe weather important to know about? It actually is because you need to know that severe weather can affect us, and if it can affect us, then we need to know what it is. There is alot that has to do with severe weather. Air masses, fronts, thunderstorms, tropical wind storms, destructive storms, and rain storms all are part of severe weather. There is a lot to know about severe weather, but first you would need to know about air masses and fronts.

Air masses are basically a mass of air. Mass is packed with atoms which are denced and air is atoms which contains mostly oxygen & nitrogen. Air mass covers most of land & water. Air mass can be either cold, warm, dry, or moist. When the air mass is formed above warm air of water it the air becomes warm & humid. When the air mass is formed over cold land that air is cold & dry. Thats what air masses are. Fronts are based on air mass which is like they work together to cause bad weather. Air masses make a difference in weather when they move to another place. Since air sometimes goes to another mass, it changes the weather. It changes the weather because when the air moves in a different direction that it did than before it changes the system. It changes the weather mostly when cold & dry air mass runs to warm & moist air mass. First of all the cold air moves under & the warm air moves up. Then dark clouds start to form which will then start a storm. Thunderstorms is also one kind of the storm out of the many storms.

A thunderstorms is one kind of storm that has to do with lightning and thunder. Lightning is a spark that is caused by electricity when the thunderhead, a type of cloud, discharges. Some water particles go up while other water paricles go down. When the water particles rub against each other they cause electricity which causes the lightning. Lightning can affect people & animals. It can also start a wild fire. Unlike lightning, thunder is a sound instead of a spark, which you can actually see. The sound of the thunder is caused by lightining bolt. First of all the heat of the lightning expands the air. When the air expands its makes a sound which is the thunder. Thunder is actually caused by lighting & thats their connection. That is what a thunderstorm is. Its a combination of the lightning and thunder. There is also another kind of storm called hurricane which is tropical storm.

A hurricane is a tropical wind storm. Usually it spins more 73 miles peer hour. A hurricane is not an ordinary storm. It brings hard rain & crashing thunderstorms. A hurricane always effects the ocean. In the center of the hurricane there is a small hole, witch is called ” The Hurricane’s eye”. The hurricane causes more destruction than a tornado! One hurricane that costs a lot of damage is called Hurricane Katrina. It cost about 25 billion dollors to fix every thing that it destroyed. You may think a hurricane is like a tornado, but its not. There is a big difference.

A tornado is one of earth’s destructive storms. A tornado is formed when warm air and cold air come together. The air flows into low air closure and starts to rotate in circles, then a tornado is formed. When the tip of the funnel reaches the ground it becomes a tornado! A tornado usally hits Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, And that is called tornado alley!

Floods is also caused by a storm. This is caused by a rainstorm. When it rains heavily and makes bodies of water overflow, there is a flood. The bodies of water can be rivers, lakes, and ponds. Floods usaully occur in places were it rains alot. There can be a heavy rainstorm anywhere in the world. So that means, there would be chance that you would be in a flood. If your nearby a river and there is a rainstorm you would be more likely to be caught in a flood than someone farther to a river, lake or pond. The biggest flood which was Great Flood of 1993 destoyed 320,000 square miles! It also killed a numerous amount of people. Floods are very dangerous even if you think they aren’t!

Remember severe weather is very dangerous & can harm you, but thats how sometimes weather is like. As you can see there is alot to severe weather. Now you should know more on severe weather now than you did before.


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  2. This is looking VERY good. Very well-written and edited (?) paragraphs. This is really an expository (how-to) piece instead of a Persuasive piece, but that’s ok. Let’s just call it an expository writing piece and after it’s done we’ll do a different persuasive. You all will not have to do a compare/contrast. This one will work instead. Let’s talk about it. I am meeting with many groups, but I will try to meet with you before lunch. The writing is great, though. Keep it up in this style all the way through.

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